03500 Terra Cotta

03500 Terra Cotta


Art.-Nr.: 03500
Old Terra Cotta Tiles
red - orange - yellow nuanced
Measurements: ± 16x16cm, thickness 2-3,2cm
other measurements, for example 22x22cm: on demand

Antique french terra cotta floor tiles have a vibrant atmosphere created by different shades of color, yellow - orange - red - brown. Our antique / historic terra cotta tiles are 100-300 years old. The tiles come from old farmhouses and manor houses in France, and the tiles were removed and cleaned by us.

The thickness of the tiles is between 2 and 3,2 cm. The most common size is 16x16cm or 22x22cm.
The dimensions 12x12cm, 14x14cm are very rare.
Terra cotta tiles are handmade, a size difference of 0.8 cm may occur.
This is not a problem, because the tiles are laid in cement

A particular advantage of terra cotta floor tiles is light maintenance.
In addition, the floor tiles are suitable for underfloor heating, because they store heat.
Even without heating one does not feel any cold, because the porous tile takes the temperature of the room. Terra cotta floor tiles are not frost resistant.


Terra Cotta
03500 Terra Cotta
03500 Terra Cotta